Suddenly the Fenway beer lines don’t seem so bad

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So, I got a chance to go to Fenway this week with my wife and my friend Steve. Of my many observations, a few little nuggets of note. First, public thanks to Steve, who has the kind of seats that make you appreciate Fenway even more, get you on TV when they show the first base coach, and give you a legitimate chance of catching (or getting killed by) a foul ball. Kinda makes you pay attention.

Three observations:

1. Those people who have the really good seats, and you wonder how they got them? Yeah, I still have no idea. Steve said something about a neighbor who had tickets since Cy Young was on the mound…

2. There is no such thing as a warm April night at Fenway.

3. And they serve beer in the seats in these expensive seats! Sounds sort of elitist, but I was thinking about it economically, and really, if you are spending $2 per minute (or more) for the game, 15 minutes in a beer line would be a drag.

Except for one thing. They bring you the beer. They open it. They pour it. You give them your ID. They check it. They give you your beer. AND THEY STAND RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU THE WHOLE TIME! I mean, hey, it’s a beer. In a seat. At Fenway. So, I’m willing to put up with a lot.

But it’s worse when the fine people in the row in front of you order their four beers and you can watch the nice vendor pour and serve. And pour and serve. And pour and serve. And pour and serve. Or even better, when the guys in the row behind you order their beers and your view gets blocked by the person in front of you who now has to use the rest room after enjoying his frosty cool beverage, but can’t get by the very pleasant vendor who is pouring. And serving. And pouring…

The Way Fenway Should BeThe Way It Was

Which one did I see more on the night? The one on the right.

Of course, if Steve wants to invite me again, I’m willing to reevaluate. Because hey, I’m a giver.

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