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Once again, I am faltering at my regularity with which to post to the Yankee. I’ll blame it on the New York Times story about the dangers of blogging, but really it’s just my own disorganization and busy-ness. And part of it is sports. I am a sports fan, and this time of year is like my mecca. It’s even better than the fall confabulation that is the baseball home stretch combined with the beginnings of football, basketball and hockey, because you have two sports coming down to the wire, plus the beginning of baseball (which is sometimes more downright fun than the end), plus all sorts of random things — like today, I wanted to see (but missed) the FA Cup semifinal. Oh, and then there’s the Final Four.

And for me, baseball is made a little more fun because I (drum roll please) play fantasy baseball. Before you click away, i’ll tell you why I am hooked, and it’s more than the numbers. (I am an accountant’s son, but still…) Here’s what I like – I get to pay attention to more than just the Boston Red Sox. I get to pay attention to more than just the majors. I get to care whether Rick Porcello can make his way quickly through the minors. I get to wonder whether John Patterson can find his talent and resurrect his career. In looking at the numbers, I actually get more invested in the stories of the individual players who make up the game. The average Sox fans cares about 5 players. I care about all 25, in some form. And there’s a group of people I got to see this weekend — a group I only see once per year — and we have a kind of fun common bond.

So I end up preparing and studying Major League rosters more than I might otherwise. OK, a lot more. But for those of you who dismiss it as a bunch of nerds playing with numbers, well, you’re right to a point, but there are interesting stories here that are a little bit more than the average Joe watching at home (or Johnny working at Burger King, for you Keith Foulke fans,)  might get out of it.

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And speaking of endowments…

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The VP of communications for the Baseball Hall of Fame told Dan Patrick on his radio show today that there probably will be a steroids exhibit in the Hall sometime soon. A PR firm provided the transcript below.

Dan Patrick: “Have you thought about a steroid exhibit in the Hall of Fame? Brian McNamee says to you, ‘Jeff, I’ve got some viles, I’ve got syringes, I’ve got HGH — I’d like to donate it to the Hall of Fame.'”

Jeff Idelson: “There’s no doubt that in time, Dan, we will address steroids and human growth hormones in our museum. It’s a part of the game. It’s a lousy part of the game, but it’s part of the game’s history — But when we do tell the story, it will be in the context perhaps of good medicine versus bad medicine. It will be done in an educational way. Would we accept artifacts or items from Brian McNamee? I don’t know, I mean if it allows us to tell the story in an educational way, we’d consider it. But if it’s just to have, I doubt we’d take them.”


My prediction:

The new exhibit will be much larger than the standard exhibit, but it will quickly suffer from structural problems. Those problems will shorten the building’s lifespan. In addition, the doors will occasionally close very aggressively, and unfortunately, the men’s room will shrink to the size of a small closet.


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