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The Yankee has its own domain

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This blog is migrating…

Like the Baltimore Colts (for all you serious football fans), I have packed up the U-Haul in the middle of the night and moved. But I would hate to think of people waking up, racing to check my blog, and finding out it wasn’t there. I know that would be devastating for millions thousands a couple of dozen lonely souls you. So, please note, and change your bookmarks, that you can find the new Yankee 2.0 at http://www.yankee20.com.

Also, like a true Yankee… I’m not paying the $10/year for the automatic redirection. 🙂

See you there!


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Funding Local Investigative Journalism

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Oh, I feel like a corporate tool. Rick Burnes over at 9Neighbors is kicking around this idea for how one could fund local investigative journalism that goes beyond the daily (but still good) work that bloggers and responsible journalists are doing. But can bigger projects make money, without creating a massive bureaucracy of applications for grants? Is a local ad network doable? I must be in corporate mode tonight because I’m not feeling the magic, but I do feel like there is something there. Read his post – linked below… and post your thoughts.

Rick Burnes’ Blog: Two More Ways to Fund Local Investigative Journalism

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Twittering a taste of a newsroom

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First things first – I have been a shamefully terrible blogger recently. Or I just had nothing to say. So, well, sorry.

Now for the actual post. Our friends at WCMH in Columbus, Ohio, have broken out an interesting use of Twitter to give people a chance to get to know more of the people behind the scenes at the station. More than 20 newsroom staffers have Twitter boxes side by side on the station website, giving people who want to study the daily goings-on a chance to follow along.

NBC 4 Now – Twitter – nbc4i.com –

Of course, there are a lot of potential pitfalls. Already, you can see some people in the group aren’t updating very often. And it’s not clear whether a page of tweets will get much traffic, if the team doesn’t keep on going with it. But they very well might, and it could give people a little insight into what makes the newsroom tick.

It will be interesting to watch.

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My Top 10 signs you’re now a Twitter addict

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Having tried to pull my wife’s attention from her Twitter account and failed, I am forced to amuse myself with a Top 10 signs you are a Twitter addict list.

10. You decide you can’t watch any film or play that has more than 140 characters.

9. You’re starting to think “TinyURL” is a cute baby name.

8. You want to paint a bedroom VeryGreen.

7. You know what Ze Frank is doing, but can’t remember how old your kids are.

6. …Or your spouse.

5. You think Clinton or Obama could score big points with a plan to move U.S. forces out of Iraq and into the Color Wars.

4. There are 27.7 million Google hits for “Twitter”. You know it. You counted.

3. You begin your in-person conversations by looking at someone and air drawing “@”

2. You do a Top 10 signs you’re a Twitter addict list.

1. And the number 1 sign you are addicted to Twitter: you know exactly how many more characters I have to complete this statement before it get…

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Cheeky accused scammer, Part 2

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So, my pals at NECN did follow up on their “I Sold My Grandma’s Stuff” scam story that was done first last week. Interestingly, there has been no defense of Joe Perkins (that I know of) there, but I did get one commenter defending him here. It is an interesting case, and I feel badly for those who accuse Perkins of taking advantage of them. The BBB says Perkins’ braggadocio in noting being “featured” on NECN is par for the course for accused scammers. In any case, here is the second story.

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When accused ripoff artists attack…

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Today’s wow of the day.

This week, NECN did an investigative story on a Cape Cod businessman who runs the site “I Sold Grandma’s Stuff.com”. Bottom line, a lot of people seem to think Joe Perkins, the owner of the company, has preyed on them, helping them sell their estates and then keeping the cash. As the story shows, he has a long history of ripoff accusations, and investigators would love to catch him.

It’s a great story – but it gets better with this added twist. What did Joe Perkins do on his website after the story aired?

He added this line to his website:

For seventeen years we have provided hundreds of clients with our
service which was featured on New England Cable News.

Cohones, no? Share this post and the link to the NECN story with as many people as possible. Awareness in these kinds of situations is a good thing, no?

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Is there a “Blush Red” Twitter team?

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So, I am someone who admits that no matter how much I know, that I have a lot to learn about the web, especially in what grabs people’s attention. That’s true in the broadcast world, as well. I mean, if I knew exactly what would bring people to television, I could have stayed an Executive Producer, made a mint and retired.

So, here I am – and last night, I made a rash statement. I said Twitter had jumped the shark with the development of color wars. (Actually, I looked downward, and said, ‘Is that a shark I see?’ which is a slightly wittier way to put it.) My wife, seeing an opportunity, then tweeted that out to a decently sized list of Twitter users.

The silence was deafening.

Today, of course, I am enlightened by Steve Garfield, who points out that it is actually an intriguing little social experiment from Ze Frank, who is a master of social experiments on the web. Here’s his blog about it.

ze’s page :: zefrank.com: colorwar 2008

So, while I might not take part, I am now intrigued, and yes, still using Twitter.

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Shake it like a Polaroid… while you can

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Between the 60th anniversary of Polaroid, its bare-bones emergence from bankruptcy, and the announcement that the company is getting out of the instant film business, there are a lot of reasons to look back and think about all those birthday parties, barbecues and whatnot where someone was waving an instant photo in the air waiting for the image to develop. Mmmmm… birthday cake, burgers, and whatnot. Those were the days. NECN’s Greg Wayland did a nice look back at the history of Polaroid and the end of an era, back when something “instant” took a whole minute to develop.

A look back at 60 years of Polaroid | NECN

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