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This blog is migrating…

Like the Baltimore Colts (for all you serious football fans), I have packed up the U-Haul in the middle of the night and moved. But I would hate to think of people waking up, racing to check my blog, and finding out it wasn’t there. I know that would be devastating for millions thousands a couple of dozen lonely souls you. So, please note, and change your bookmarks, that you can find the new Yankee 2.0 at

Also, like a true Yankee… I’m not paying the $10/year for the automatic redirection. 🙂

See you there!


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New England’s Metal Tulips

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Look in a New England garden this time of year, and you can see them sprouting. Daffodils and tulips. (I think they’re tulips, right? I’m no garden guy.)

Look on the roadways, and it’s metal tulip season. What’s a “metal tulip?”

Objects in mirror are colder than they appear

They’re those little mobile things we call convertibles. At this time of year, they are seen in 35 degree weather like this morning, with the top down, but the windows rolled up and the heat cranked high enough that they create a little pocket of global warming around them. (It’s metal, and it’s bowl-shaped, like a tulip. Work with me here, please.)

I’m not complaining. I see them, and their counterparts, as another sure sign of spring.

Other roadway horticulture:

The two-wheeled thistle: A motorcyclist so bundled up that they look like a puffball riding a bicycle.

The steaming rose: A car with a sunroof open in weather cold enough that you can see the heat exiting the car into the surrounding atmosphere.

Oh, and don’t take pictures of objects in your rear-view mirror while driving. Do as I say…

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