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This blog is migrating…

Like the Baltimore Colts (for all you serious football fans), I have packed up the U-Haul in the middle of the night and moved. But I would hate to think of people waking up, racing to check my blog, and finding out it wasn’t there. I know that would be devastating for millions thousands a couple of dozen lonely souls you. So, please note, and change your bookmarks, that you can find the new Yankee 2.0 at http://www.yankee20.com.

Also, like a true Yankee… I’m not paying the $10/year for the automatic redirection. 🙂

See you there!


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A belated case of Bad Voodoo

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I was realizing recently that I have been posting a lot of crap. Not badly written, but just sort of mundane items. So here I sat, looking for inspiration.

Then I decided to catch up on Frontline.

I hadn’t watched the April 1 episode, called “Bad Voodoo’s War,” until tonight. Want to remind yourself of what 140,000+ Americans face in Iraq and Afghanistan? Watch it.

Don’t want to remind yourself? Then definitely watch it. I find that regardless of what your position on the war, and whether we should be there or not — the true cost of the conflict, and the true heroism of those who are there, is most evident when you actually look at it through human eyes. These guys are the real deal, and it’s really easy for people here to forget about it.

I think recently, I have been one of those people. I haven’t thought about the war as much, except as a piece of Congressional testimony. I’ve thought about taxes. I’ve thought about health care. I’ve thought about politics. I’ve thought about my fantasy baseball team.

So for a little while… I’m thinking about Iraq – not as a cause, or a struggle against terrorism, or anything else, except as a place where real people are doing real work, in real danger.

So if you haven’t considered any personal war stories recently, here are 30 of them. Take a closer look at who they are. The only difference between them and the other guys is that they documented their lives for Frontline. And told a hell of a story. Here’s to them – hope they make it home safely. Thanks.

Bad Voodoo Platoon — Team Members

Watch “Bad Voodoo’s War” at http://www.pbs.org/frontline

(NECN aired a great documentary about the pain the families of New England’s fallen have faced, which has picked up a lot of awards, called “Remember Us.” It’s another worthwhile view – and I would bet we bring it out for more airings around Memorial Day.)

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A weekend offline…

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So, maybe I’ll appreciate this during the summer. This weekend I went up to Maine as I do occasionally with my wife. It was already a weekend that wasn’t going to be all that fun. We were picking up furniture in Connecticut and bringing it north. But it got worse when we finally arrived in Portland Saturday evening.

The cable modem was down. Tried a reset. Nope. Unplugged it. Nope. Stared at it intently. Nope. The problem of course, is twofold. First, I count on my Internet. I don’t have cable in Maine, I have internet. It is my connection to work and the world, and occasionally I need both. But second, I realized something. Man, is it going to be hard to actually get the cable looked at, because I am generally only there on the weekend! Not that the fine folks at Time Warner Cable won’t come out on Saturday or Sunday, but well, it is more challenging.

So I’ve taken a spiritual route – maybe, if I hope and pray enough, it will heal itself. If anyone has an appropriate prayer for a sickly modem, or a cable psalm, I’m all ears.

In short – sorry I haven’t posted recently. Call it technical difficulties.

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Finding an easier posting tool

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This really isn’t a post that anyone else is going to care about. I am simply trying to use Qumana and see if I like it any more than going directly to Word Press. If anyone has any other better faster happier ideas, I’m all ears.

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Powered by Qumana

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40,000 reasons not to play – RESOLVED

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So, in what has to be one of the most unusual labor actions in *any* sport, ever, the Red Sox delayed today’s game with Toronto for about an hour, and threatened to boycott their entire trip to Japan, if their coaches didn’t receive the same $40,000 stipend that the players themselves are receiving.

Manager Terry Francona said he learned about the non-payment for coaches and staff Tuesday, and the players voted unanimously not to play their final game of the Grapefruit League season and delay their trip in protest.

It was a threat that worked — because about an hour after the game was supposed to begin, the team and the league reached a deal. Thumbs up for the players  — but you have to scratch your head and wonder what the league was thinking. Pay the players 40 G’s, and give the clubhouse attendants and coaching staff nothing? We’ll only hope this was an accidental ommisson and not an intentional decision on a trip that’s likely to net the league millions in merchandising opportunities.

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