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This blog is migrating…

Like the Baltimore Colts (for all you serious football fans), I have packed up the U-Haul in the middle of the night and moved. But I would hate to think of people waking up, racing to check my blog, and finding out it wasn’t there. I know that would be devastating for millions thousands a couple of dozen lonely souls you. So, please note, and change your bookmarks, that you can find the new Yankee 2.0 at http://www.yankee20.com.

Also, like a true Yankee… I’m not paying the $10/year for the automatic redirection. 🙂

See you there!


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Sign of trouble for Democrats?

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A new poll in Pennsylvania suggests just what some Democrats have seen as the nightmare end to a drawn-out Obama vs Clinton battle. The Franklin and Marshall University poll finds about 20% of Clinton and Obama supporters in Pennsylvania say they would vote for John McCain if their candidate doesn’t win the Democratic nomination.

See a CNSNews.com story on the poll here — 03/21/2008

In some ways, it’s not surprising — as Obama and Clinton go after each other, they draw the ire of their opponents’ partisans. The question will be, can they repair the breach, or will the GOP be able to use McCain to attract and hold moderates, and find a V.P. candidate who appeals to conservatives without scaring the middle-of-the-road away.  A lot is still up in the air.

The poll has Clinton up 16 in the Penn. primary, by the way.

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Now it’s getting personal

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Back when I first tried to start this blog, and we were launching our website, the New Hampshire primary was the top of the news. It is again today, courtesy of Michigan Sen. Carl Levin and DNC Member Debbie Dingell. The pair write in today’s New York Times that New Hampshire cheated by setting its primary date outside of DNC rules, too.

In some ways, it’s a valid point. New Hampshire was supposed to set its date between January 14 and January 29, and ended up on January 8. But Levin and Dingell conveniently leave out that one major reason New Hampshire moved up was because of Michigan and Florida’s efforts to jump to the head of the line.

But the small states aren’t taking it lying down. On the same op-ed page, former Iowa Democratic Party communications director Carrie Giddins says Florida and Michigan made their beds, now they have to lie in them. Giddins says, “Do-overs are what children do on a playground. Adults accept their mistakes, learn from them and move on.”

Do you have a feeling that the talk about the 2012 primaries will start about 45 seconds after the Presidential inaugural next year?

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Prime Minister Blair to Teach at Yale

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Prime Minister Blair to Teach at Yale
Yale President Richard C. Levin stated: “The appointment of Mr. Blair provides a tremendous opportunity for our students and our community. As the world continues to become increasingly inter-dependent, it is essential that we explore how religious values can be channeled toward reconciliation rather than polarization. Mr. Blair has demonstrated outstanding leadership in these areas and is especially qualified to bring his perspective to bear. We are honored that he is planning to join the Yale community.”

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