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The Yankee has its own domain

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This blog is migrating…

Like the Baltimore Colts (for all you serious football fans), I have packed up the U-Haul in the middle of the night and moved. But I would hate to think of people waking up, racing to check my blog, and finding out it wasn’t there. I know that would be devastating for millions thousands a couple of dozen lonely souls you. So, please note, and change your bookmarks, that you can find the new Yankee 2.0 at

Also, like a true Yankee… I’m not paying the $10/year for the automatic redirection. 🙂

See you there!


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Mmmm, crow. Tasty Spygate crow.

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Super Bowl XXXVIImage via Wikipedia

These are the kinds of things news editors have nightmares about having to do. The Boston Herald has issued a massive, high profile apology for its massive high-profile error in reporting that someone had recorded a videotape of the St Louis Rams walkthrough the day before Super Bowl XXXVI.

The alleged tape made Matt Walsh a household name for Pats fans, undermined the integrity of the Patriots organization, already tarnished by videotaping allegations, and coming as it did right before the Pats tried to maintain their undefeated record in this year’s Super Bowl, theoretically could have been a distraction for the team. (Although I doubt it – it was mainly a distraction for the media.)

Apology –

Regardless, the Herald now acknowledges, after the NFL could find no such tape, that no one at the paper ever saw the tape or directly met anyone who had.

I give them credit for stepping up and giving their error acknowledgment a front page spot. In the competitive media marketplace, the pressure is there to go with stories that aren’t fully vetted. They did, and they got burned. But admitting the error is the best way to repair the damage. And they did a better job of that than Bill Belichick has.

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Funding Local Investigative Journalism

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Oh, I feel like a corporate tool. Rick Burnes over at 9Neighbors is kicking around this idea for how one could fund local investigative journalism that goes beyond the daily (but still good) work that bloggers and responsible journalists are doing. But can bigger projects make money, without creating a massive bureaucracy of applications for grants? Is a local ad network doable? I must be in corporate mode tonight because I’m not feeling the magic, but I do feel like there is something there. Read his post – linked below… and post your thoughts.

Rick Burnes’ Blog: Two More Ways to Fund Local Investigative Journalism

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Twittering a taste of a newsroom

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First things first – I have been a shamefully terrible blogger recently. Or I just had nothing to say. So, well, sorry.

Now for the actual post. Our friends at WCMH in Columbus, Ohio, have broken out an interesting use of Twitter to give people a chance to get to know more of the people behind the scenes at the station. More than 20 newsroom staffers have Twitter boxes side by side on the station website, giving people who want to study the daily goings-on a chance to follow along.

NBC 4 Now – Twitter – –

Of course, there are a lot of potential pitfalls. Already, you can see some people in the group aren’t updating very often. And it’s not clear whether a page of tweets will get much traffic, if the team doesn’t keep on going with it. But they very well might, and it could give people a little insight into what makes the newsroom tick.

It will be interesting to watch.

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