My Top 10 signs you’re now a Twitter addict

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Having tried to pull my wife’s attention from her Twitter account and failed, I am forced to amuse myself with a Top 10 signs you are a Twitter addict list.

10. You decide you can’t watch any film or play that has more than 140 characters.

9. You’re starting to think “TinyURL” is a cute baby name.

8. You want to paint a bedroom VeryGreen.

7. You know what Ze Frank is doing, but can’t remember how old your kids are.

6. …Or your spouse.

5. You think Clinton or Obama could score big points with a plan to move U.S. forces out of Iraq and into the Color Wars.

4. There are 27.7 million Google hits for “Twitter”. You know it. You counted.

3. You begin your in-person conversations by looking at someone and air drawing “@”

2. You do a Top 10 signs you’re a Twitter addict list.

1. And the number 1 sign you are addicted to Twitter: you know exactly how many more characters I have to complete this statement before it get…


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12 Responses to “My Top 10 signs you’re now a Twitter addict”

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Heh heh heh heh. Don’t feel badly, we’re probably *all* crushing on Ze right now.

insightful, will bookmark to use as regular checkup 🙂

lol. Good stuff! The Social Hubby. We dig (er Digg?) your wife’s work on the blog and twitter! Ooh, two spouses online at same time. World’s colliding! As George from Seinfeld would say!


LOL – that’s a great list!

Brilliant post Tim, and hello from a fellow 40-yr-old New Englander.

Great list… obviously created by someone with experience using Twitter! What’s next?


11. You can’t go to the bathroom without your cell phone and TinyTwitter
12. You plan your commute so that you avoid cellular dead zones
13. It’s 10 p.m. and you realize you’ve spoken to 237 people today and HEARD none

I hit refresh to see if anyone’s twittered me back and almost get a wealth of excitement when they do! I’m also a milestone junkee so I watch that update “clock” closely and cheer when I reach yet another 1000!

So, I am pleased to see how many of us have retained the ability to keep a train of thought for more than 140 characters!

Thanks for all the comments, and feel free to keep adding to the list – I’ll update the post as needed. But when we get to 140, you know the rules…

– You hear a bird tweet and picture its icon.

– You threaten your children with a public Twitter if they don’t behave

– (Then you direct message your friends about it anyway)

brilliant! 🙂

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