Cheeky accused scammer, Part 2

Posted on March 26, 2008. Filed under: Web and Tech | Tags: , |

So, my pals at NECN did follow up on their “I Sold My Grandma’s Stuff” scam story that was done first last week. Interestingly, there has been no defense of Joe Perkins (that I know of) there, but I did get one commenter defending him here. It is an interesting case, and I feel badly for those who accuse Perkins of taking advantage of them. The BBB says Perkins’ braggadocio in noting being “featured” on NECN is par for the course for accused scammers. In any case, here is the second story.


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One Response to “Cheeky accused scammer, Part 2”

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THANK YOU Mr.Yankee2.0 !!!! Our family is the one he “raped their legacy” and with the “crappy clock”
Thankx for seeing through this monster and actually responding to it !! I just don’t see why , with SOOOO many families victimized,why is it so hard to get the FBI and IRS involved and expose him for who he really is !!!!
We won’t sleep a full night, or quit crying at the drop of a hat in the middle of the day, or be able to look at “old People” without getting a sinking knot in the pit of our stomaches like someone knocked the air out of us untill Joe Perkins is rotting in JAIL and his new girlfriends name is “BUBBA” !!!!

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