Is there a “Blush Red” Twitter team?

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So, I am someone who admits that no matter how much I know, that I have a lot to learn about the web, especially in what grabs people’s attention. That’s true in the broadcast world, as well. I mean, if I knew exactly what would bring people to television, I could have stayed an Executive Producer, made a mint and retired.

So, here I am – and last night, I made a rash statement. I said Twitter had jumped the shark with the development of color wars. (Actually, I looked downward, and said, ‘Is that a shark I see?’ which is a slightly wittier way to put it.) My wife, seeing an opportunity, then tweeted that out to a decently sized list of Twitter users.

The silence was deafening.

Today, of course, I am enlightened by Steve Garfield, who points out that it is actually an intriguing little social experiment from Ze Frank, who is a master of social experiments on the web. Here’s his blog about it.

ze’s page :: colorwar 2008

So, while I might not take part, I am now intrigued, and yes, still using Twitter.


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5 Responses to “Is there a “Blush Red” Twitter team?”

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Yay! Go Green! 🙂

I will join your team, follow your flag and do battle unto our enemies.

Unless, of course, they are taller.

Twitter is one social networking/web 2.0 phenomenon that I haven’t signed up for. Although, I am very intrigued with the Twitteresque functionality within Facebook, so I am sure it is only a matter of time…

I just recently signed up for twitter and I’m not loving it; I haven’t quite figured out what the point behind it all really is..?

Figuring out the point is part of what makes it intriguing. It might not work for everyone. I find it less useful when it’s just that people are making French toast, but more useful when people are linking to and sharing things they find elsewhere, observations, articles, and so on.

I still have a little skepticism, but there is something appealing about it all.

But I still haven’t joined a team.

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